Thursday, December 31, 2009

One Day

Every night alone you rehearse
She will love everything you say
All you need is the right opportunity
That magical moment and that special day
You even get suprised reciting the words
Of how very easy it becomes
Everything seems to be going your way
You wait as she approaches
She walks by you
Again you have nothing to say
All those sleepless nights alone
Appear to be here to stay
You lie to yourself
That eventually you will let her know
She is everything you live for
Do not let her get away
Never let her go

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Every night at the bar
He opens up and confesses his sins
In the daytime
His pain wants out
So he hurries back to the bar
And pours the whiskey in
He passes most of his time
By pretending to be someone he's not
Living through lies and drunken tales
The chemicals have begun to take him away
He looks deathly tired and ghostly pale
The bar has been his life for years
It helped him face all of his fears
Everthing comes his way by the ounce
His last drink will be the only one
That he or anyone else will ever count

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane


Was yesterday that long ago
I can't remember ever letting go

These pictures of us portray broken hope
Im stuck in the past with you
Scared of moving on and having to cope

You made it look easy
When you just walked away
Everything inside me begged you to stay

After you had left me to be alone
I would pretend to call you on the phone
The person I was hoping would answer
Is the one that I had never known

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane