Saturday, November 17, 2012

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I know Monday

I know Monday
I walked through your door
to see what you had in store

Everything they say about you is true
Your the movie trailer
for what the week will preview

You seem alone and brave
The weekend will hide
behind you and wave

Here we are again my friend
After today the rest of the week
will start to descend

Perfect description of you
is Blue in color
with a touch of Gray
I know you.....
I know Monday

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane

Friday, October 19, 2012

What If

You ever wondered
as you take in the scenery
then all of a sudden
you spot the one

That tenured man
staring into the silence
reminiscing on life
and all he's done

Questions come to mind
would he go back
change his steps
venture dim streets
or the great unknown
and see what he may find

What if
he was asking the same
question about you
would you stay on course
of your present journey
if you knew the results
just to see it through

What if?

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


A curious stream of light
penetrates a tiny puncture
through the window blind

At first I just glance
but very quickly
it persuades my sight
directing all my attention
like a guiding moon
supervising the night

These moments unborn
time slowly matures
light blinks away
taking a pulsating dive
perception of light
projected on my wall
makes me feel alive

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane

Monday, August 20, 2012

Second Best

Becomes two

After first
I became
the same
you know who

First must
have fell
I came running
when you yelled

You told me
number two
resembled first
took me a second
then I realized
second was worse

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane


Friday, August 17, 2012

Color of Love

Ceramic feelings
cuts my skin
photoshopped a dream
inserted you in

Pain is reference
years never knew
time card punched
Love is a color

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane


Absorb like a sponge
Soaked up Space
Squeeze just right
Drips a smiling

Liquid life
Poured through
A retractable screen
Characters revise roles
Of a movie
Already seen

Splash again
Across your eyes
Rain soaked
Makes you cry

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gypsy Blues

Thumbs up
luck down
walking unknown
leaving town

Skipping out
on bills
broken relationships
seeking thrills

Moving on
needing change
escaping life
destination strange

Hitchhiker hat
traveling shoes
bags packed
gypsy blues

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Choice Words

Write words
that will be scraped
into a stone
by a rebellious kid
who refused
to be owned
Write words
that will make
a hopeless sinner
never feel alone
Write words
that will move
a homeless man
from a shelter seat
to a throne
Write words
that will tattoo
the answers
to your soul
about the questions
of the future
that is unknown

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane

Friday, August 10, 2012

Karma Card

Perception is tricky
praying for revenge
while glued to hypocrisy
can get sticky

Confusing script of words
printed in a misunderstood book
every page written in glass
reflecting blame into eyes
of a similar look

Nature refusing to stand guard
for those failing to read
the terms and conditions
of a Karma Card

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane

Thursday, August 9, 2012


It's when you watch the wind
blow itself till it stops
It's those small gaps in the breeze
that allows you to set yourself free

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane

Conformity Cap

Move by pulled strings
Value other peoples things
Speak what others sing
Fly with government issued wings
Follow rules of an audience king

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane


Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane


Homeless Words

I see beautiful words
homeless and needing a hand
I reach for my pad and pen
these times are tough
my choice of words are thin
Perhaps they choose me
tell me exactly what to say
These words we help
they also help us
they inspire us everyday

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane

Thursday, July 26, 2012

After the Zero

Begins from nothing
Foundations formed
Time will start
Memories introduced
Opens a heart

Events play out
We pass along
Life is skipping
Like tracks
From song to song

People collected
Friend and foe
Relationships always shifting
Loved ones carelessly
Begin to come and go

Miles added
Life is driving
Along our path
Catch and release
Good and bad
Never hold against
What you thought you had

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane


A hand reaches
Reaches to touch
Touch a face
Face is fragile
Fragile to touch
Touch other parts
Parts are gone
Gone is body
Body with no head
Head with no face
Face is you
You are gone
Gone far away
Away from me
Me wanting you
You and I
I still reach

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane

Friday, July 6, 2012

Love is a Shotgun

Not the gun
sounds of hearts
engaged in battle
not having fun

Shells litter the ground
love is a hidden treasure
packed with ammunition
better off not found

Love is war
relationship gunfight
loaded with fools
smoking barrels
blinded eyesight

Love is never done
Love bleeds loud
Love will run
Love will kill
Love is a shotgun

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane

Start Over

I stutter and stumble
the right words
already been said
I soon discover

I drifted
between life and death
excuses strangled
my lying breath

I operate
like a broken machine
convenient for me
but unplugged
to your hopes and dreams

I started to squeak
when I walk
Forgot to maintenance
my body
with the shit
I talk

Look past your eyes
to another face
So I can start over
leave this place

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Traveling Soles

Look familiar
Where you started from
Shoes laced you up
Made you come

Walking unknown streets
Stepping with future's feet
Mapquest to different times
Memories calling out
Like weathered chimes

Courted future and past
Strolled in the present
Shadowed footprints cast
Changed all directions
That will always last

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane

Monday, June 25, 2012


Connected to a person
Attached to a soul
People attracting people
Joined together by fate
With no place to go

Running and stopping
Short of the gap
People needing structure
To find their way back

No access to be found
Everything has a steep ridge
People everywhere sliding down
Desperately in need of a Bridge

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane

Reality Fraud

Starting to question
if reality is real
Society seated in a medicine cabinet
so nobody has to feel

The world has convinced the truth to lie
Manufactured tears produced
so no one has to cry
Everyone banking off yesterday's credit
so nobody has to go out and try

Walking plastic seems to be fine
Cowards choosing surgery
to put in a spine

I stay real and continue to live
You sold out 
and refused to give

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane


Riding along the open road
as it bends, rises, and falls
Watching the wind push fields of grass
back and forth from short to tall

I watched a bird
paint the top of a tree green
He injected colors with his beak
Just like a needle
connects heroin to a dope fiend

My eyes now scanning the panorama
from up and down
to left and right
The clouds pulsating like a heartbeat
as they carousel around the broken sunlight

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane

Domesticated Debt

Living good in a certain way
Never show your real cards
So the naysayers can never say

Living a little less now than earlier before
People start to notice a change of pace
Eating crumbs off a delinquent floor

Living bad now and off the taxpayer's dime
Bills formed a mountain of domestic debt
Materials own your freedom and kidnapped your time

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane

Faux Celebrity

People often talk about
the heat and torture of hell
I'm currently living in one
with the only excitement here daily
is the Courthouse Bell

Politics hidden like a stitch
People wearing costumes camouflaged
to look like the rich

Last names worn as a badge of fame
Fake celebrities walking amongst
the poor people
While their banking accounts are the same

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane