Friday, December 9, 2011


Nights alone...
I mean in my mind
Well, even that place is crowded
and sometimes very difficult to find

My favorite time...
I mean pretending to ignore
all the concerts of talk
Turning exercise into therapy
in my head, as I go for a walk

Finally some solitude...
I mean having the ability
to manipulate my thoughts
so that I can abandon my post
To escape life,work,and people
Separating myself
like a fleeing spirit or ghost

Copyright © 2011 Christopher lane

Saturday, September 3, 2011

No Time

Time for birth
Time for youth
Time for curiosity
Time for learning
Time for choices
Time for rebellion
Time for growth
Time for work
Time for reflection
Time for regrets
Time for retirement
Time for death
Time never spent
Time for what?

Copyright © 2011 Christopher lane

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I realize we are in a game
with no directions
and no understanding of how to play

I figured out the only link between us
is the present moment
figuring out who we are
at the end of the day

I caught and trapped my life for you
you saw it all and it made you run away

I had the best intentions of saving you from yourself
you would make me hurt and I would make you stay

I have a bad habit of listening to me
and not to what people would say

The future has no real promise
at the end of the day

All we have is each other
and we communicate through our own strange way

Copyright © 2011 Christopher lane