Thursday, April 8, 2010


I believe Butterflies are the buffer
between heaven and earth
Just like the transformation
of a catepillar to a Butterfly
People often experience
the same kind of rebirth

The Butterfly uses it's wings
to paint as they fly
Communicating through absract art
on the canvas of the sky

The flight of the Butterfly
could be determined
by what you have done
The signal sent down
from the heavens
through the transmission
of the sun

Maybe Butterflies stay around
to keep a close eye
Acting as cab to the afterlife
for when you die

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane

Monday, February 22, 2010

Looking for a Hero

Look closely
You can see the shadow of the sun
Hiding behind the moon
The world seems out of focus
Listen to the wind
Singing through the trees
As it plays an untimely tune

People everywhere falling apart
And breathing out decline
Desperately searching for a rescue sign
Super heroes are made mortal
While standing in the unemployment line

Unanswered tears from heaven
Pollute the atmosphere
People praying for miracles
But unwiling to change
Because of discomfort and fear

Stop looking for a Hero
To pop out of someones suitcase
We need to learn to embrace
The people who can change the world
The one you see in the mirror
The familiar face

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Sometimes I feel like the devil
With Angel wings
I migrate towards evil
While flying over all the good things

I was packaged and sealed very tightly
When I was born
Only to have flaws in my armour
That were pre-existing and torn

Maybe I represent
Both good and bad
Perhaps I could sell you happiness
While wearing a suit made of sad

I contradict everything in many ways
I see clearly at night
And dream during the day

I'm held together in rubble
By the debris from love and hate
I'm the ugliest masterpiece ever made
I'm the light
That shines dark
The one that never fades

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane

Friday, January 8, 2010


Passion will help you become
Whatever you choose to be
And then some
Passion will hold you to a purpose
It will let old dreams
Begin to resurface
Passion will help you
Build a relationship
With your soul
Passion has no particular destination
Exercise it for reaching your goals
Without any hestitation
Passion is everything
That seems to be gold
Passion is something you have to channel
Passion cannot be bought and sold

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane