Thursday, December 31, 2009

One Day

Every night alone you rehearse
She will love everything you say
All you need is the right opportunity
That magical moment and that special day
You even get suprised reciting the words
Of how very easy it becomes
Everything seems to be going your way
You wait as she approaches
She walks by you
Again you have nothing to say
All those sleepless nights alone
Appear to be here to stay
You lie to yourself
That eventually you will let her know
She is everything you live for
Do not let her get away
Never let her go

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Every night at the bar
He opens up and confesses his sins
In the daytime
His pain wants out
So he hurries back to the bar
And pours the whiskey in
He passes most of his time
By pretending to be someone he's not
Living through lies and drunken tales
The chemicals have begun to take him away
He looks deathly tired and ghostly pale
The bar has been his life for years
It helped him face all of his fears
Everthing comes his way by the ounce
His last drink will be the only one
That he or anyone else will ever count

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane


Was yesterday that long ago
I can't remember ever letting go

These pictures of us portray broken hope
Im stuck in the past with you
Scared of moving on and having to cope

You made it look easy
When you just walked away
Everything inside me begged you to stay

After you had left me to be alone
I would pretend to call you on the phone
The person I was hoping would answer
Is the one that I had never known

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where Are You

Where Are You
I feel the ocean effortlessly trek over my feet
Hopelessly gazing into your beauty
For that special day when we meet

Cemented in this moment
With my ankles buried in the sand
My hand slightly opened to my side
Almost waiting for you to take my hand

You tease me slowly coming in
Then you retreat and again and again
You are mysterious as you are deep
The warm breeze of angels blowing their breath
I will remember forever and keep

The sun reflects your beauty back to me
I have stood here patiently waiting
It feels like time has my hearts only key

This time with you is very special to me
I know one day we will be completely free
As I stand here proclaiming my love to the sea

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane

Sunday, August 16, 2009


It notices everything about you
All the weight you have lost and gained
Every mark on your body that is permanently stained

It notices the different colors of your face
Every time you come and go from your place
Your every move and change in pace

It knows the days you are hurt
The cleanliness of your body and also the dirt
Your insomnia and even when you look alert

It has seen you totally in love
Watched you happily float around like a dove
The times you desperately prayed to the heavens above

It has seen you stumble and fall
The tears from an unsuspecting phone call
Every moment it has watched from the wall
I am the mirror in your hall

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane

Monday, August 10, 2009


As I step outside
I feel the sunlight
Pressing heavily against my face
People think my life is in question
Like puzzle pieces out of place
As I walk around town
I get cold shoulders
And turned backs
To everyone I meet
My skin is stripped away
And I watch pedestrians
Walk across my ashes
Scattered in the street
It is a lonely feeling
To be an individual
Fighting against a team
This is what I have chosen
It is all of this and more
To chase and capture a dream
The long road
Has put a hard shine on my soul
Even stars fall from the sky
So a new one can glow
Everyone has bought tickets to see my demise
Just like a flower
I started from the ground
But soon I will rise

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Dash

The Dash
Your Journey all begins
with a number that
signifies your birth
The other number you receive
is when you depart this earth
But if your living for numbers
you might as well quit
A legacy is not given
it has to be built
Just existing will not achieve it
In the end
being first and last
will not mean much anyway
What everyone will remember
is the small things you did
from day to day
The dash I speak of
Is not a run or a sprint
It is the symbol for living
and what you life has meant

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sail Away

Sail Away
I open my sail
over and over
again I fail
I can not make any ground
the tide seems to profound
I wait and watch
the waters rise
The tide once again
is my demise
I have taken
plenty of damage
My perseverance
is my only bandage
Maybe there is
no escape for me
Not even
lifting my anchor
will set me free

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


People tend to give up
When their goals seem too far
Take a little step forward everyday
Don't put your dreams into jars
Never wait for shadows
Of anyone to pass you by
Chase your dreams in the light of day
So they won't haunt you at night
Think loudly about your thoughts
And they will turn into screams
Sleep awake at night
So you can see your dreams

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane

Sunday, May 31, 2009

This Is Me

This Is Me
I may never amount to much
in this life I live
I may never be successful
or wealthy enough to give
I have made countless mistakes
and many bad decisions
I have seen dreams so big
that only I could envision
I have crawled paths
that others would not walk
I have tasted so much blood
I could not talk
I do not ask for comfort
or even a helping hand
I just want you to know
that this is who I am

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Live Forever

Live Forever
Shine your light everyday
as if it were your last
Hold tightly to the little moments of the present
for soon it will be the past
Lend a hand or even a word
to a stranger or friend that needs love
Be caring and compassionate towards people
and not to seek reward from up above
Stand up for yourself and all your friends
Open your heart and mind unconditionally
so there is no beginning and end
Be recognized as someone who was brave
and fought with all they could
Last, be remembered for all that you did
and not for which you should

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Loser

The Loser
That one person
you shamefully cast away
Same person you forget about
when you pray
No one has nothing good
to say about him
His light is steadily fading
from shallow to dim
The night air seems to burn
his lungs a bit more
All of his life is exposed
like a house without a door
All the people speak down to him
but nobody will share his pain
The loser awakes everyday
fighting not just for air
but hoping to make
one ounce of gain

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


They have all taken
Taken the best of me
Everyone ran out
When I forgot who to be
Please do not let me suffer
Suffer here in the streets
Drag my body to shelter
Let me die at your feet
I have felt the coldness
Coldness of my critics eyes
My heart fights on forever
As my soul slowly dies

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane

One Last Fight

One Last Fight
It must be a scary feeling
you watch the light leave the room
it retreats behind the door
People saying you don't have
what it takes anymore
Your heart swells with pain
there is nothing left to prove
nothing else to gain
You have risen from the depths
higher than any star
You traveled the world
from near to far
You realize nothing will comfort
a warriors hurt
but only testing his soul
You would trade away all your glory
for one last blind run
by a fighting legend
For being on top again
and achieving the ultimate goal

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane


Many a men search around
for direction and solitude
The markers used in life
were placed there by men
with courageous attitudes
Timid souls that are scared
seek for comfort
when pursuing towards
a difficult quest
A leaders footprints
are those of lonely steps
seldom followed by anyone else
Our paths may lead to many ends
but it is in those journeys
that we find our truest friends
Honorable men travel
the most challenging roads
Heroes are torn
from legendary cloth
that does not fit
any other molds

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane


I cannot find you
Did you find someone new
You left me to die slow
We lost the fire that used to glow
My heart is callused by the scars
I followed your light from an empty star
I did not realize you had left
Until my heart was stolen by your theft
Now I must take my loss and learn
Sometimes it is better to be buried than burned

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let Me Go

Let Me Go
My heart said so
We collected only scars
prisoned by loves bars
My soul bleeds into me
My feelings became my enemy
The path led us wrong
The pain lasted far too long
Please let me go
My hurt continues to grow
We reached our plateau
many heartaches ago
Victims of love
are the last to know

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane


I sit here and wait
I know eventually you will return
I thinks it is captivation with you
People only feel it with some
What is the connection here
The one between you and I
I filled your heart with pain
I often make you cry
You always come back to me
I will never understand why
It must be captivation with you

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane

So Long Friend

So long Friend
I stare up at the night sky
hoping to see your face
Every since your journey home
all the stars seem right in place
Often I will call out for your hand
for when I may stumble and fall
you will be there to help me stand
The angels gathered over you
and gently opened their wings
Safely they tucked you in
until we meet at the roads end
It is never goodbye with you
But only so long my friend

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane


The circle of life goes around fully
and appears to be unforgiving
There are people who fear death
who will never start living
Be one, and be yourself,
and never compromise with regret
Live life as if you were gambling
and make a once in a lifetime bet
All the brave heroes look down
from the heavens above
and give you special praise
Be proud of your scars
and share them like a book
documenting all your days

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane


I lie to everyone
with the fake smile I wear
and I wear it well.
All of my hurt and pain
leaks into the river
and makes it swell.
At night, I call out to my maker
to take what is left of me.
No one will listen
as I continue to bleed out
the person I used to be.
I dodge anything
that will get attached
and be weakend with my kind.
My light is burning out
and the city I live in
is becoming hard to find.
I have to finish off
this final image
of the monster I have created.
In the end
we all feel damaged
and some of us
will parish as the hated.

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane


Steps of life always lie ahead
regardless of your destination.
They wait for you constantly
redefining all your limitations.
From the bottom up
the vision will sometimes seem too much.
Each step closer
will make your dreams close enough to touch.
Everyone will help you down
but no one will help you to the top.
As you cross the final step
you will feel the weight let go and drop.

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane