Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where Are You

Where Are You
I feel the ocean effortlessly trek over my feet
Hopelessly gazing into your beauty
For that special day when we meet

Cemented in this moment
With my ankles buried in the sand
My hand slightly opened to my side
Almost waiting for you to take my hand

You tease me slowly coming in
Then you retreat and again and again
You are mysterious as you are deep
The warm breeze of angels blowing their breath
I will remember forever and keep

The sun reflects your beauty back to me
I have stood here patiently waiting
It feels like time has my hearts only key

This time with you is very special to me
I know one day we will be completely free
As I stand here proclaiming my love to the sea

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane

Sunday, August 16, 2009


It notices everything about you
All the weight you have lost and gained
Every mark on your body that is permanently stained

It notices the different colors of your face
Every time you come and go from your place
Your every move and change in pace

It knows the days you are hurt
The cleanliness of your body and also the dirt
Your insomnia and even when you look alert

It has seen you totally in love
Watched you happily float around like a dove
The times you desperately prayed to the heavens above

It has seen you stumble and fall
The tears from an unsuspecting phone call
Every moment it has watched from the wall
I am the mirror in your hall

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane

Monday, August 10, 2009


As I step outside
I feel the sunlight
Pressing heavily against my face
People think my life is in question
Like puzzle pieces out of place
As I walk around town
I get cold shoulders
And turned backs
To everyone I meet
My skin is stripped away
And I watch pedestrians
Walk across my ashes
Scattered in the street
It is a lonely feeling
To be an individual
Fighting against a team
This is what I have chosen
It is all of this and more
To chase and capture a dream
The long road
Has put a hard shine on my soul
Even stars fall from the sky
So a new one can glow
Everyone has bought tickets to see my demise
Just like a flower
I started from the ground
But soon I will rise

Copyright ©2009 Christopher Lynn Lane