Thursday, July 26, 2012

After the Zero

Begins from nothing
Foundations formed
Time will start
Memories introduced
Opens a heart

Events play out
We pass along
Life is skipping
Like tracks
From song to song

People collected
Friend and foe
Relationships always shifting
Loved ones carelessly
Begin to come and go

Miles added
Life is driving
Along our path
Catch and release
Good and bad
Never hold against
What you thought you had

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane


A hand reaches
Reaches to touch
Touch a face
Face is fragile
Fragile to touch
Touch other parts
Parts are gone
Gone is body
Body with no head
Head with no face
Face is you
You are gone
Gone far away
Away from me
Me wanting you
You and I
I still reach

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane

Friday, July 6, 2012

Love is a Shotgun

Not the gun
sounds of hearts
engaged in battle
not having fun

Shells litter the ground
love is a hidden treasure
packed with ammunition
better off not found

Love is war
relationship gunfight
loaded with fools
smoking barrels
blinded eyesight

Love is never done
Love bleeds loud
Love will run
Love will kill
Love is a shotgun

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane

Start Over

I stutter and stumble
the right words
already been said
I soon discover

I drifted
between life and death
excuses strangled
my lying breath

I operate
like a broken machine
convenient for me
but unplugged
to your hopes and dreams

I started to squeak
when I walk
Forgot to maintenance
my body
with the shit
I talk

Look past your eyes
to another face
So I can start over
leave this place

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Traveling Soles

Look familiar
Where you started from
Shoes laced you up
Made you come

Walking unknown streets
Stepping with future's feet
Mapquest to different times
Memories calling out
Like weathered chimes

Courted future and past
Strolled in the present
Shadowed footprints cast
Changed all directions
That will always last

Copyright © 2012 Christopher Lynn Lane