Thursday, January 30, 2014

There's A River

I love any type of water and I like to think water will cleanse the body internally as well. Perhaps, maybe even your mind too. I passed the river in our town the other day, and it made me think of this poem. I like to think maybe it gives you a chance to "wipe the slate clean" when needed. For some reason the river and the way it flows, just presented this poem to me.

There's a river
bleeding life blood
back into me
I'm clinging to the current
while my body
floats beside me
Drowned upside down
sucking air from my feet
Walking on my hands
using water as a street

Copyright © 2014 Christopher Lynn Lane

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Invisibe Memory

Invisible memory
that's where
you'll find me

Between a dream and reality
unsure the destination
across a walkable sea

Run away from history
as it will be disguised
appearing better than before
dressed up in make-believe

Copyright © 2014 Christopher Lynn Lane

Sunday, January 19, 2014


They will open
People will sing
Songs not yet spoken

Hearts are fresh
Learning to bend
Not yet broken

Story to be told
Of a love so ALIVE
It never sleeps
Nor Dies
But has just woken

Copyright © 2014 Christopher Lynn Lane


Friday, January 10, 2014


Glasses act as reflectors
Magnified from the soul
Where words are windows
That look out into the world
Hearts project vision
To guide the way
Where love is blind 
And souls play

Copyright © 2014 Christopher Lynn Lane

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Looking for myself
between the rain
where the gaps are small

Hearing what nature has to say
anxiously listening for the phone
waiting on my life to call

Copyright © 2014 Christopher Lynn Lane


Is this it?
Well then, it feels lonely
It appears kinda pale
Nothing or nobody
Just here, alone
Almost sick
Like a Hospital
That treats patients
Who are retuning from Hell
A place for which
A man can take
two extremes
tie them together
and listen to them yell

Copyright © 2014 Christopher Lynn Lane

Beauty in the Shadows

                        Not the loudest
                        Not the center
                        Not the biggest
                        "But the one" 
                         Pushing me ahead
                         Guiding from behind
                         Screaming with silence
                         Not to be outdone

                         Full of wisdom

                         From listening to all
                         Sitting in the dark
                         The first person you call

                         She reaches out

                         With both hands
                         To love unconditionally
                         What she sometimes
                         Doesn't  even understand

                         Puts the wrongdoers first

                         As she takes the blame
                         Works in the shadows
                         Constantly helping others
                         By knowing exactly what to say
                         Happy Mothers Day.........


Copyright © 2014 Christopher Lynn Lane