Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Trapped Inside

Rain has become
a current narration of my life.

You see it's not the rain's fault!

I love rain but it squeezes you in tight!

Just a relationship based on being
too far on the inside.

Like a knife rooted deep
into soft ripe flesh
I have become the tip
of the knife.

Deeply hibernated in a madhouse
like an animal
or some kind of wildlife.

Copyright © 2013 Christopher Lynn Lane

Sunday, November 3, 2013

It's okay............

My mind is cluttered
Thoughts are spilling over
My pen is a drunk
But my words are sober

Paper wiped clean
with a dirty eraser
I'm putting down raw emotions
straight without a chaser

I'm learning me
In small
small swipes
between the blue lines
my poems are not 
always full of sunshine
but that's okay
that's what makes 
them mine

Copyright © 2013 Christopher Lynn Lane

Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Thoughts.......

certain moments
through my mind

unique love
a special kind

past thoughts
hurtful feelings
not intending to find

broken images
captured your soul
made me blind

Copyright © 2013 Christopher Lynn Lane

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cubic Zirconia

I wear depression
as a crown
I take anxiety
and fold it up
I pour it out of my heart
into a soulless cup

Feet tangled in fear
limping through life
hypocrites everywhere
but pretending it's clear 

Standing out
because you look real
not pretending
while wearing
plastic hands and 
trying to feel

  Copyright © 2013 Christopher Lynn Lane

County Fair

Fairs will draw you in
by your skin
and suck your soul

Carnies will guess your weight
while holding your wallet
as the people cattle through
the gate doors

Smell of grease and sin
fills the cramped air
children bargaining for one more ride
as the masses circulate
round and round
through the county fair

 Copyright © 2013 Christopher Lynn Lane