Thursday, March 6, 2014

Real Beauty

Real beauty
has her scars
knows her flaws
eyes look down
but not that...............................................Far

She's born of night
shadows walk away
from the moon
persuaded by the sun
to hold up the light

She's a beautiful picture
that bleeds
through a frame
of broken glass
people step over
as they pass

It's the truth in her
that blooms between
the poor and the rich
her beauty
is pieced together
like a stitch

Copyright © 2014 Christopher Lynn Lane


  1. I think this is a new favorite for me of your beautiful poetry Chris. I love the message here...beautifully written indeed!!

    1. Thank you, Carrie! You're so kind and sweet. I feel honored that you feel that way and for your kind comment! Have a great week! Chris

  2. ..interesting

    very beautiful poem, structured on the "Platonic" that creates the charm and richness of messages.

    My thought is that beauty is a word "abstract" ....the true beauty lies only in our emotions, which are "interpreters" of what our eyes see ...Chris, thanks for the poem.

  3. Thanks, Dino! I appreciate the nice comment. Yes, I agree with you on the obscure message of what is real beauty. It's a beauty that comes from within that can be projected from the soul. I agree with your interpretation as well. Thanks for reading and giving me your insight. Have a great week! Chris

  4. An interesting piece that I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

    1. Thanks, Andrew! I appreciate it the comment

  5. This is my new favorite of yours, Chris. A beautiful poem full of meaning and great lines and imagery. I like how you make beauty imperfect with its flaws, scars and stitches. That's real beauty indeed, not the plastic, fake beauty that we see in the media. Excellent. Have a nice weekend :)

    1. Loredana, I completely agree with you! Real beauty has a certain way of telling the truth with no agenda. Your comment is too kind and thanks for reading! Have a great weekend:)