Thursday, February 5, 2015


Society hobbles
on a pharmaceutical crutch
character is flat
like the dulling
of brass

The gift
has gotten sold
people are in between
light and dark
secrets are printed 
everything is told

You feel yourself
to see if
you still feel
everything is changing
like advertised chameleons
disguising the road
life is not wealthy
it's cheaper than ever
no more Gold 

 Copyright © 2015 Christopher Lynn Lane



  1. It does seem that people have become complacent doesn't it? I remember when Jerry Spring first had the big fight on the show and everyone was in it is common place. Hope all is well with you Chris. We missed you. :-)

  2. Missed my poetry family as well. I agree with you Carrie,we are living in strange times indeed. Jerry springer was rather ridiculous, but a true turning point in reality. Thanks, Carrie:-)