Sunday, February 9, 2014

Shadow of a mountain

A lonely bird 
drinks from a 
crowded fountain
as the others
begin to fly away
nature has her hand on pause
but she stands down
reflecting off the water
into unpolished eyes
a shadow of one
as big as a mountain

Copyright © 2014 Christopher Lynn Lane


  1. Wonderful, Chris! We have had a huge snowstorm here for the last four days, and it brought flocks of many kinds of birds to our feeders. Today nearly all the snow had melted and one quite fat Varied Thrush sat on a limb outside my kitchen window for the longest time. I think it may have been saying thank you....but maybe was practicing being a mountain.

    1. Thanks, Lydia! It's quite possible.

  2. the eye of a bird is as our eyes..but the perception of mother nature is different ..we are alone to perceive the mountain.

    compliments for the blog...very beautiful.

    1. Dino, I appreciate your kind words. Glad you made it to my page. Thanks!

    2. Chris ..thank you, I will follow your blog ....but you have to know that my comments may not be perfect "Google translator".